Cook at home 12 items (chicken, beef, fjord trout) FREE Spinach sourdough noodles x2

Let the  heart MASTER CHEF heart in you OUT INTO YOUR HOME


❤️MASTERCHEF❤️ competition - Film yourself cooking or snap a photo of your dish bought below and post on FB or instagram and tag us.. Every week, we will select the BEST VIDEO / PICTURE and supply the ❤️MASTERCHEF❤️ a piece a day for you to cook at home until FMCO ends.

Not sure what to Cook? Our stay home bundle will settle your lunch and dinner. Add on our sourdough pair with jam and coffee or granola 

Fresh meat, marinated, blast frozen at -40C to make sure fresh. 

Defrost over night in fridge,  and ready to cook for the family within minutes..

Pan seared at low heat.

Chicken, fish and beef, chicken breast is each 1-2 servings, depending on the person.

1. Cajun chicken breast (~180gm) x1

2. Perchik chicjen breast (~180gm) x1

3. Teriyaki Chicken breast (~180gm) x1

4. Tika masala chicken breast (~180gm) x1

5. Lemon seabass breast (~180gm) x1

6. Capcicum fjord trout (air flown, ~100gm( x1

7. Yin's cured fjord trout (~100gm) x1

8. Yin's chicken sausages, with herbs and spices, stuffed in sheep casing  (~400gm) x1

9. Yin's chicken patty, with herbs and spices (~400gm) x1

10. Beef patty, with herbs and spices (~400gm) x1


Delivered out every Tuesday, arrive in your home by Thursday/Friday

RM 160.20